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A quick introduction

Let us first introduce ourselves with our main axioms.

International Team

We offer our competences in software development with internationally located developers.

Agile development

Modern development processes enable us to offer customer centered development. So you not only get what you pay for, but also exactly what you want and specify.

Transparent Workflow

Efficiency and transparence is what we empower not only in our team but especially for our customers. Effortless communication and fast results are the goals we want to accomplish.


Find out the main areas in which we can offer you our expertise.

Editable colors

Embedded Programming

Layered Code Architecture
Performance Optimized Code
C/C++, Verilog, CUDA

All you need for start

Web Development

HTML5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL
Webdesign, Multibrowser
Responsive Websites
Desktop and Mobile Support

Clean code

App Development

IOS, Android, HTML5
App UI/UX Design
Social Media Integration
using latest guidelines

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Algorithm Design

Matlab, Python
State of the Art Research
System Simulation
Concept Implementation

All you need for start

Testing & Validation

Benchmarking, KPI Definition
Automated Testing
Continuous Integration (CI)
Report Visualisation

Clean code


Process, Workflow
Software, Tooling
Code&System Architecture
Technical Consulting

State-of-the-art research for algorithmical problems

Concept planning, prototype implementation (MATLAB, Python), system simulaton & testing

Support in different algorithmic fields

Development on different platforms


Software optimization (NEON, CUDA, OpenCL...)

  • Memory usage
  • Performance profiling
  • Runtime

Layered code architecture

  • Reuseable code parts
  • General implementation
  • Top-down architecture (HW/OS/Appl./User)

Different OS support

  • Linux MicroC/OS, QNX, FreeRTOS
  • Real-time operating systems

Hardware-near interface programming

C/C++, Verilog, VHDL

Supporting different mobile platforms

  • Android, IOS
  • Cross platforms (HTML5)

Application Design planning UI/UX

  • Icons, logos, Images, Colors
  • Mockup creation

Social media integration for authentication

  • Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter

Using latest guidelines

App integration and registration

  • Playstore, AppStore

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Web design planing

Cross browser compatibility

Desktop and Mobile support

Back-End development

  • PHP, SQL, Node.js
  • Database administration
  • Scalable solutions

Authentication for User-base

Process and workflow planning

Software and tooling consultation

Code & System architecture

  • Low Level Software UML 2.0 modeling
  • High Level System architecture modeling
  • Enterprise Architect

Technical project consultation in different fields

  • Telecommunication (wired/wireless)
  • Web/App/Embedded fields
  • Algorithmic feasibility analysis

Code testing on different levels

  • Unit tests
  • Functional tests
  • System tests

CI integration and setup

White Box / Black Box SIL testing


  • GT strategy
  • KPI definition
  • Benchmarking concept
  • Documentation/Reports

Contract types

See in which forms you can work together with us.

Worktime Contract

This contract type is ideal for you if you don't need a full-time engineer for your project. You want to finish a subtask, for which you need experts in specific technical fields. The amount of hours and specialist you need will be determined by us


Your project needs experts in embedded and algorithm development. So an example offer could be x hours of our embedded experts and y hours of our algorithm development experts depending on the provided project plan


We will grant you access to our agile workflow system. There, you can look into the progress and subtask planning of your project. We will assign the best available specialist to your task and add your task to the next sprint.

Employee Contract

This contract type is ideal for you if you need full-time engineers. You are in need of an expert in a specific field who devotes all his time to your tasks. You can integrate the task planning for our expert in your processes or use our tools to organize the time of the expert.


You want to have an embedded engineer for your project, who can work an your task in home office or at your location.

Workflow (Optional):

We will open a project for you in our agile workflow system. There, you can assign your tasks to the engineer(s) and add a detailed description. The engineer(s) will work on your tasks in the sprint. The workflow is transparent for you and for us as well: We also have the possibility to complement the skills of our expert with the Skills of another expert to speed things up in interdisciplinary situations.

Project Contract

This contract type is ideal for you if you want to give us an isolated part of your project without thinking too much about the realisation and organisation. We will configure a team with different engineers for your needs. After collecting all your requirements and needs we will create a project plan in which the realization is planned in detail. The project plan is the foundation on which the sprint and subtask planning is based. To get a more detailed overview of this contract type

Agile Development Process

Get to know our ways we plan and execute your tasks.

Project Plan

The largest unit we work with is your project itself, which is defined by us based on your requirements and needs. The project consists of multiple working packages. The next step is to split the big working packages into smaller units. The size of the working packages are designed in a way that they can be completed in less than one week. „Rome wasn't built in one day,"


After we split your project into smaller units, we assign these units to our sprints. The goal of one sprint is to finish all small assigned units. The units should be small enough to be handled in single sprints. The length of the sprint is configurable, usually between one and three weeks. A variable number of experts can be assigned to each specific sprint.


Each unit is called a task. Every task is planned with a detailed description and definition-of-done to be achievable in one sprint. It delivers a new well defined feature to the new software release upon completion. If the task can only be solved by two or more engineers the task is split dynamically during the sprint.

Meet the team

Our main crew to handle your projects.

Daniel Fafula


Founder and Developer with special knowledge in embedded programming. As an electrical engineer he has experience with hardware and software development and can combine his expertise with architecture and project requirements planning for the efficient achievement of project goals.
#embedded, #systemArchitecture, #testing, #adas, #electricalEngineer, #requirements, #computerVision

No agenda, no meeting.

Jannik Metzner


Co-Founder and Developer who specializes in embedded programming and algorithm development. Has very good knowledge in software architecture. Also worked on app & web development.
#controlTheory, #embedded, #softwareArchitecture, #scrumMaster, #adas, #appWebDev, #electricalEngineer

Tries to model the world object-oriented.

Bence Gazder

Software Developer

Software Developer with superior knowledge in Backend Development. He also gained a lot of experience during his 8 years of software development in different projects as a freelancer. Works under the Clean Code Paradigm. Responsible for the whole IT infrastructure and support for any technical topics.
#backendDev, #cleanCode, #informaticEngineer, #embedded, #linux

Never releases software on Friday.

Daniel Tolnai

Software Developer

Software Developer in the field of bare metal programming. Mainly focused on hardware-near programming and software optimization on different platforms. Guru in Linux Development and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). He is the developer who accelerates the development speed and quality of the whole team.
#gpu, #cpu, #optimization, #hardware-near, #linux, #electricalEngineer, #RTOS, #bareMetal

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